Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Free Energy Now

by Sandy Penny . WritingMuse.com
I’ve been watching technology advancements with interest for some time, and I believe that technology already exists to solve most of the problems in the world. It depends on society demanding that all people have affordable access to the basics in life. And, the inventor (K. R. Shridar) of the Bloom Energy Server, affectionately called the Bloom box and the Bloom energy fuel cell, agrees with that.
When he began his research, he was trying to develop technology that would be sustainable on Mars. During that period of time, he realized that we first needed to solve our own energy needs at home, on our own planet Earth. He knew that it needed to be plentiful and easy and cheap to acquire. The basis of the technology is sand. It met all the requirements for inexpensive production.
The sand is crushed and treated in a proprietary way, and the “powder becomes power.” Flat (4” x 4” approximatley) panels are stacked in a box and exposed to any number of fuels that cause the generation of electricity. It also has 24-7 availability, unlike wind and solar power. The more stacks, the more power. And it’ silent, no moving parts and emits no pollution. It also present none of the dangers of nuclear power generation. It’s pretty miraculous. (See video on the right.)
Some say it’s too good to be true, but Google (their first customer), Walmart, FedEX, EBay and Coca-Cola, all current beta testing customers of the Bloom are raving about its contribution to a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy costs. It helps them meet the new requirements for clean technology while saving them money, and that makes them very happy.
It has now been tested for 8 years, and after solving a few problems that arose, seems to be the best and most reliable new technology available. After years of secrecy, they have finally (2 years ago) launched their PR campaign. K. R. Shridar was introduced by Governor Arnold because California is one of the biggest green states and will be the first to include this technology in their grid. (See video at the bottom of this post.)
Unfortunately, Bloom has now made deals with large corporations and the power grid companies to enable them to save money on generating electricity, but feed it into the grid, and continue to charge people monthly rates. That means that individual families will not get this technology that could take them off the grid for 10 or more years. (I suspect a deal was made to hold back on the individual family production for 10 years while the system implemented it and recouped their costs.)
K. R. SIdhar originally said he wanted to offer people the small home sized box for a few thousand dollars, and get them off the grid, which means that power outages would no longer affect people, and a one-time purchase would last about 20 years (no electricity bills). This, of course, would impact the bottom line of the power companies. That plan has changed now. I have no proof, but I suspect big money has a say in it. This power is about twice as effective as any other generation method it was compared to. I wonder if our electric bills will go down when the power companies implement this technology. I hope so.
I’d like to see the original plan resurface. We need and deserve this kind of free energy at this time in our world. It would also allow more people to spread out on the planet and still have access to electricity far from the grid. It is one of the big hopes for the future.

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  1. At 7 a.m. in Boulder City's Boulder Dam Hotel on Dec 10 I will be giving a talk/brainstorming session about technical solutions to the Lake Mead water shortage. The audience is a private Boulder City group who call themselves Really Old Men. Their meetings are not open to Really Old Women!

    So far I have air wells, hydrosonic pump, Spiteri water pump, four environmental heat engines, and Lantz water and power system. More details are in rexresearch.com and "130 Electrical Energy Innovations" in padrak.com/vesperman.

    I would be happy to email you the current draft of my lecture "Technical Solutions to Lake Mead Water Shortage" and my list of "Clean Energy Inventions".

    Eddy Taylor called this morning to tell me about clean abundant "primary water" in the Earth's mantle. He suggested I look up http://www.globalresourcealliance.org/. He recommended a mining engineer Pal Pauer who has a successful record of finding primary water sources around the world. This man relies partly on dowsing for water.

    I have a suspicion that Moapa's Muddy River (NE of Las Vegas) originates as primary water as there is no obvious hydrological source around where it starts.

    Googling primary water turns up for example http://cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php?topic=13528.0

    What can you tell me about primary water? Should I include it my Dec 10 talk?

    I would appreciate your referrals, if any, of possible ways to increase the supply of water to Las Vegas.

    Thanks for your help!

    Gary Vesperman

    1. Yes, I'd like to see your paper. I think primary water is the future solution to our water problems. Pal Pauer is a major player these days. I like his work. Bill Cox was the authority, but he died a year or so ago. His info is still out there. He handled the primary water drilling project for Lake Elsinore in California when it was going dry. http://www.primarywater.com/Drilling-for-Primary-Water.html My email is sandypenny@live.com. When I get your paper, I will send you more info.


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